Membership Payment

Membership Payment

Thank you for becoming a Fortnightly Club member! Please complete the Membership Application form if you have not done so already.

To pay for your membership, please select the membership level and any optional donations by clicking “Add to Cart’ next to each item. Your selections will appear in the Shopping Cart at the bottom of the page. Click Checkout to pay using either PayPal or Credit Card. Membership dues and donations are tax deductible.

Membership Level

Please select one of the following membership levels:

  • Supporting Membership includes a built in donation to support the club. Supporting Members will be recognized in a special section of the Club Directory.
  • Annual Membership is an individual annual membership for returning members.
  • New Member Annual Membership is for new members only. It includes your registration in the National Federation of Women’s Clubs.
Supporting Membership$150
Annual Membership$75
New Membership$125

Twin Maples Preservation Fund

Optional additional donation to maintain and preserve the historic Twin Maples estate that serves as The Fortnightly Club’s headquarters and clubhouse. Please select one donation amount.

Twin Maples Preservation Fund$25
Twin Maples Preservation Fund$50
Twin Maples Preservation Fund$75
Twin Maples Preservation Fund$100

Sherry Rawson Scholarship Fund

Optional additional donation to help send deserving young Summit women in financial need to college. Please select one donation amount.

Sherry Rawson Scholarship Fund$25
Sherry Rawson Scholarship Fund$50
Sherry Rawson Scholarship Fund$75
Sherry Rawson Scholarship Fund$100

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Please note the “Shipping” cost is actually a transaction fee for processing online payments. To avoid this fee, you may mail a check payable to “The Fortnightly Club of Summit” to 214 Springfield Avenue, Summit, NJ 07901.